The Pediatrics Department delivers care for healthy and sick children whereby services include history taking, general examination, local examination, investigations, assessment of growth and development, nutritional assessment, accident prevention and referral to other specialties. The Allergy Clinic is also available as part of the service.

In Pediatrics we have:

    • Assessment of the baby since birth and follow up them for normal growth pattern and development up to puberty.
    • Educate the mothers and give them advices regarding proper nutrition, early signs of diseases, first aid management.
    • Management of infectious diseases (for example chicken pox, roseola infantum, scarlet fever)
    • Management of gastrointestinal diseases like gastroentritis and IV fluids if needed
    • Treatment of respiratory system diseases include rhinitis, otitis media, bronchitis, bronchiolitis, pneumonia and asthma, and its controller medication.
    • Diagnosis and if available treatment of central nervous system disorders, cardiovascular system disease, endocrinal disorder, hemotological disorder, hepatology disease and referred if needed to more specialized hospitals.
  • Masters in Pediatric from Damascus in 1999
  • Graduated M.D. (Medical Doctor) from Damascus 1994